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Civil and Commercial

Our civil practice includes representing companies and individuals, trusts and beneficiaries, debtors and creditors, and just plain everyday people who need help enforcing their legal rights, or defending claims made against them. Whether you are a business owner engaged in a dispute, or want to challenge a will; whether you are facing demands from a liquidator, or wish to issue proceedings against a debtor. Whether your issue is with another person, a company or the state, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist. Of course, you will not be charged for picking up the phone or emailing to inquire about your situation.
In our civil and commercial practice, we represent a wide range of clients facing all sorts of legal issues. From the shareholder and director of a company who needs to enforce their rights under the Companies Act, to the consumer who needs advice and representation dealing with a company to enforce their rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, or Fair Trading Act. We represent parties in high level commercial disputes, and low level family disputes over private companies or personal affairs.

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What we bring to the table is a very human element. Each case is unique, as each client is unique. With that said, we have the benefit of experience. Stephen is tested at the coal-face in a very wide range of disputes, and skilled at getting his client's case across in whatever forum necessary. Whether you're negotiating, in mediation, arbitrating domestically or internationally, or in Court, your best case will be put forward. His calm, clear, concise approach to disputes is of immense benefit to clients, and often finds favour with the judiciary and opposing counsel alike.

Roderick brings a rare dual-qualification to the team, as a doctor and a lawyer. This leaves him very well suited to some niche areas of the law, including medico-legal and ACC. His experience in medicine and law also finds him sought after for professionals facing professional disciplinary proceedings.

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Your main Rubicon Chambers contacts for Civil and Commercial matters are

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Call on 04 974 9121 or 021 423 990

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Call on 04 974 9089 or 021 607 547

Civil and Commercial: Our Team
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