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Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until guilt is proved, and that is how we treat our clients. Facing the might of the state when charged with a criminal offence can be daunting - your career, family, reputation in jeopardy. We offer exceptional service for those who wish to put forth a robust defence. Stephen specialises in drug cases, jury trials and appeals. Roderick is available to appear on virtually any criminal matter, with a strong background in defending Traffic Offences, including Drink Drive Law.

Michael has developed a huge reputation in New Zealand for fearlessly defending the disadvantaged over Criminal charges where there may have been breaches of individuals rights, including under the Bill of Rights Act and the Human Rights Act.

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We appear in Courts all over New Zealand, and offer competitive packages while having a proven track record of achieving results.

Whatever the charge you face, the first step we will take is to assess the Police disclosure against you, and advise you on your prospects of sucess. This may require seeking further disclosure, and in some instances going to Court to force the Police to hand over all of their information. If the Police have stepped outside the law, there may be a challenge to the admissibility of the evidence that results in an acquittal. If there is no defence, you will be advised about steps you can take between charges being laid and sentence being imposed to ensure you have the least restrictive sentence possible.

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Your main Rubicon Chambers contacts for Criminal matters are

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Call on 04 974 9089 or 021 607 547


Call on 04 974 9087 or 027 504 9206

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Call on 04 974 9121 or 021 423 990

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