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What We Do

As highly trained advocates, whatever problem you come to us with, Dr Roderick Mulgan, Michael Bott, Stephen Iorns and Professor Catherine Iorns offer exceptional value.

When you need a lawyer who will give your matter the time it needs, listen to your side of the story, research the law, explain it to you in plain terms, then act on your instructions, contact us.

We will not charge you for simply picking up the phone when you first seek us out or responding to your initial email query.

We will discuss your matter with you first, then explain how we bill and, if possible, what your matter is likely to cost, before you agree to incur any cost at all.

We operate in conjunction with a number of other barristers and can act for you on a wide range of Civil and Commercial disputes, and Criminal matters. Whether your matter needs one lawyer or a team approach, we can and will act to achieve the best results possible.

Civil and Commercial

Our civil practice includes representing companies and individuals, trusts and beneficiaries, debtors and creditors, and just plain everyday people who need help enforcing their legal rights, or defending claims made against them.


Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until guilt is proved, and that is how we treat our clients. Facing the might of the state when charged with a criminal offence can be daunting - your career, family, reputation in jeopardy

Traffic Offences

We have acted for clients who have been charged with all manner of traffic offences , from drink-driving ( excess breath or blood alcohol levels) to careless and dangerous driving offences.

Clean Slate Applications

The Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act became law in 2004. Now, if you commit a minor offence like shoplifting or drink driving, that offence (along with any other of a like type that preceded it) will be concealed after seven years.

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Dispute Resolution

Whether your dispute is with your business partner, another company, a sibling or an ex-spouse, Stephen can assist. He has been engaged to represent directors and shareholders in confidential mediation, resulting in successful settlements.

Human Rights

Its unusual to identify Human Rights in a list of areas of legal practice.
At Rubicon Chambers however we feel very passionate about the work that Michael Bott has provided over the years to his clients, many of whom are disadvantaged, where the legal system has previously failed to provide real justice.

Resource Management and Environmental

Catherine and Stephen are available to accept instructions on environmental law matters with expertise on Resource Management Act, the Exclusive Economic Zone Act, climate change law, and the legislation regulating hazardous substances, among others.

Contact Us

If you would like to reach out and talk to someone about your legal matter, talk to the team at Rubicon Chambers

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