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Traffic Offences

We have acted for clients who have been charged with all manner of traffic offences , from drink-driving ( excess breath or blood alcohol levels) to careless and dangerous driving offences.

If you are charged with an offence that sees your licence in jeopardy, you need the advocacy of experts who can explore the options you have to avoid disqualification, and failing that, guide you through the limited licence process.

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When it comes to paying for exceptional advocacy, if you are charged with an offence that is not on the face of it serious, but carries huge implications for you personally, Roderick is your man. As a doctor and barrister, he carries an impressive Court manner, and has a deeper understanding than most of the many forensic police practices.

He has cutting edge drink drive defence skills, cultivated through his deep understanding of the process around analysing breath and blood alcohol content. If your case requires a thorough analysis by an exceptionally bright man, contact Roderick. His first step will be to thoroughly analyze your case, and advise you on your prospects of success.

Following that, even if you have no defence, he will walk you through your other options, which include seeking a discharge without conviction.

If there is a way to have you walk away unscathed, he will find it.

Contact us today for a no obligation free chat about your situation.

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Serious Traffic Offences

Dr Roderick Mulgan explains some of the options available when someone is charged with a serious traffic offence in New Zealand. He describes clearly using examples of where he has had success for his clients.

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Your main Rubicon Chambers contacts for Traffic Offences matters is


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